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Throughout the year, a number of exciting field trip opportunities will become available to club members and their families. These may be related to special events or scientific occurences that appear during the year, so flexibility is always a plus! Examples of just a few past field trips include:

Please note the following field trip guidelines:

On July 15, 2010, SRI hosted the Adventures Through Open Minds (ATOM) Science Club of San Mateo, CA at SRI's 150-foot radio reflector antenna, known as "The Big Dish", in the hills above Stanford University. Students in this summer science camp program learned how the Dish operates and how it coordinates with their studies of rockets, spacecraft, the sun, the solar wind, electromagnetics, and related topics. SRI's goal was to inspire the students to become scientists and engineers in the future.

Plaque designed by Frank Drake and Carl Sagan, flown on Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 spacecraft which are now leaving our solar system.

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