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Publication is an important part of the scientific experience. All ATOM Science Club members are encouraged to contribute to the club newsletter. Watch here for a link to the first newsletter of the new academic year, to be released soon.

Newsletter Guidelines

Each club member is encouraged to participate in the club newsletter every month. Parental help is greatly appreciated so as to aid in the success of our newsletter. Parental participation in the newsletter greatly enhances the family aspect we encourage.

Submissions to the newsletter are not required, but greatly encouraged to unite all club members and families, whether beginning or advanced.

All submissions will be published in the newsletter provided they are appropriate, proofread for content and reasonable clarity by a parent. (Please, parent, sign off on the copy your child turns in.)

Remember to include important details like the student's name, age, and date with newsletter submissions.

What can I submit?

Article: An article you write about an experiment you conduct, observation you make, or location you visit.

Art/Drawing: Original art by the club member.

Book Review: Each review must include the title of the book, author, where the book is from (bookstore, library, etc in case other club members would like to find it) a brief overview, something interesting, why you did or didn't like the book, would you recommend the book to someone else and why.

Did You Know??: Fun facts about science.

Jokes: Jokes can be made up by you or borrowed from someone else as long as credit is given to the author.

Movie Review: Each review must include the name of the movie, a brief overview, why you did or didn't like it, would you recommend it, and how it related to science.

Questions: Submit a question in one month's newsletter and give the answer in the next month.

Story: Stories can be either fiction (not true) or non-fiction (true).

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