Junior Instructors

The Junior Instructor Program is an opportunity for advanced club members to mentor beginning club members. The mentoring program was developed in order to give advanced students the opportunity to discover the breadth of their knowledge. By giving advanced students the chance to reinforce the concepts that are being taught to the beginning students, they will be challenged to move to a deeper understanding of the subject of science.

After the concepts have been taught, the mentors will be paired with beginning students to assist in doing the experiment, game, or project.

Qualifications for the Junior Mentoring Program:

  1. Have completed the “Beginning Year” of the Science Club
  2. Be at least seven years old
  3. Exhibit leadership skills
  4. A willingness to act as a role model
  5. Able to follow directions and stay on track

Junior Instructors are required to:

  1. Commit to at least two hours per month
  2. Be currently participating in the Advanced Science Club
  3. Attend the Junior Manners/Public Speaking workshop
  4. Attend the Junior Manners Awards Dinner

Junior Instructors will learn that by helping others, we always get more than we give.