Madame Atom

Meet Madame Atom

A.T.O.M. Science Club is led by Madame Atom.

Albert Einstein said, “All physical theories… ought to lend themselves to so simple a description that even a child could understand them.”

My passion has always been to help young people appreciate the wonders of the physical and biological world by presenting information in a simple but not simplistic way. I use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic methods to engage kids in topics ranging from the Periodic Table of the Elements and volcanic action to pulsars and nebulae.

My objective is to bring my unique approach to science education to in-school and after-school enrichment programs to get kids excited about science.

My professional background:

  • B.A. in Biology from UC Santa Barbara
  • Did research in neurology and graduate work in physiology
  • Teaching credential at the junior college level in biological science
  • Former instructor of anatomy and physiology at the College of San Mateo
  • Tutored children for over 33 years in math and science
  • Home schooled her two children for 10 years and became the science instructor for numerous home schooled children in the Bay Area
  • Taught science enrichment to grades one through twelve throughout the Bay Area for more than fifteen years
  • Founded A.T.O.M. Science Club in 2002 and has been growing it ever since