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For 20 years, Madame Atom has introduced critical scientific concepts to students ranging from kindergarteners through high schoolers, using engaging and age-appropriate activities and presentations. This time-tested  methodology has proven effective in introducing these key scientific concepts to a diverse range of students.

This year looks a lot different from our usual years, when we meet in person. I am excited that I made a shift to online classes, starting in March and continuing successfully over the summer, when I offered two summer camps over ten weeks. Each ran for two hours per session, three days a week. I received a lot of positive reaction from both parents and kids!

My goal

In all my offerings, my goal is to lay down a science foundation for your children that will last a lifetime. I do this by focusing on the foundations of chemistry (specifically atoms), physics (forces and matter and how they interact), biology (life), and astronomy (the universe), starting at the kindergarten level. Yes, kids as young as kindergarten can begin to appreciate these concepts and the amazing interconnections among atoms, energy, life, and the universe! The science club format—weekly meetings over the school year, with continuing meetings in subsequent years—builds on their understanding from week to week and year to year.

My teaching approach

My teaching approach always involves all three learning styles: kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. I have maintained this approach even when moving my classes online. In fact, I believe it is especially important to involve more senses when teaching through a screen! Therefore, each session includes a hands-on experiment or project (kinesthetic), a verbal explanation or story (auditory), and pictures or a short video (visual). Also note that I often work with many age groups within a single club. I have lots of experience making sure all the kids are challenged by presenting information simply but not simplistically. That said, I do want to ensure that kids are in the appropriate group and may suggest moving when I believe another group will better accommodate a child’s learning stage.

If you are new

If you are new to A.T.O.M. Science Club, please see Introducing A.T.O.M. Science ClubA Taste of A.T.O.M. Science ClubMy Philosophy, and my bio to understand more about me and how I work with kids. You can also see what Larry Miller of U.S.G.S. has to say about my teaching style.

See the full class list and register online

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