Talk with SLAC Founder Pief Panofsky

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In 2006, A.T.O.M. Science Club members met with the man who dreamed up the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).

Wolfgang “Pief” Panofsky dreamed up the linear accelerator, initially known as Project M, in the mid-1950s. He worked tirelessly for years to turn his dream into a reality, enlisting Stanford University, the federal government, and fellow scientists. (You can read the amazing story here.) He persevered in the face of doubt to create a scientific marvel that became the precursor of today’s Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Madame Atom approached Pief Panofsky and told him about the kids in the club who were fascinated by his work even at a young age. She asked if he would be willing to talk to club members about his life adventures. Although he was very busy, he agreed to talk to a selected group. He graciously gave the club members the opportunity to meet with him during a visit to SLAC.