Nuclear Engineering Field Trips


The day started with a pizza lunch at the Bear’s Lair on the south side of campus followed by a walk across campus to Etcheverry Hall. The kids were divided into five groups, Hydrogen, Xenon, Uranium, and Plutonium (the Plutonium group was the most popular) and were outfitted with Nuclear Engineering department t-shirts. Five rooms had been set up with a variety of educational activities as described below. Starting in different rooms, every group visited each room in series for half-hour sessions. The day culminated in a “graduation” ceremony where each child received a certificate from Nuclear Engineering department chair Jasmina Vujic conferring upon each the title “Junior Nuclear Engineer.” Professor Vujic invited everyone to apply to Berkeley and quite a few promised to return.

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Dr. Vujic

Dr. Jasmin Vujic, chair of the Nuclear Engineering Department, presenting the Junior Nuclear Engineering Award to an A.T.O.M. Science Club member.

Read a full post-field trip report (PDF) by the Nuclear Engineering Department students, taken directly from the UC Berkeley website on January 9, 2008.

Report Cover


Club members visit UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department for a tour and participation in special learning activities featuring fission, fusion, and quantum mechanics and interacting with the department’s undergraduate and graduate students.

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Club member visited the UC  Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department in 2011.

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